Our Story

About Moon Rock Prints

our background

a love for designing nurseries

When we found out we were expecting our son in early 2016 we were over the moon with excitement and joy. We spent months pouring time and love into his nursery. We made the watercolor art, the clothing storage, the rocking chair, even the floor to ceiling mountain chalk mural.

Baby and kid rooms can be colorful, whimsical and over the top. Regardless of what they look like, the magic comes from the memories that take place in those spaces that will forever hold a special place in your heart. We would never have guessed how passionate we would become about designing nurseries. It gives us all the feels.

Check out a few of the nurseries we have designed below.

Tour of our son's modern outdoor nursery*

Tour of our daughter's dreamy sky nursery

Tour of our nephew's whimsical woodland nursery

*featured in Better Homes & Gardens and Fit Pregnancy & Baby magazines
About Moon Rock Prints

Our Mission

creating unique and custom keepsakes

When we designed nurseries we always incorporated custom, special touches into the space that are meaningful. I have always called my kids my "little birdies" so I asked Brent to paint me a mama and baby bird watercolor print that sits on the shelf in her room. She now looks up at it during diaper changes and says “tweet, tweet!”. It is those little touches that bring so much warmth and life to a space.

We started Moon Rock Prints to further our mission to create unique and customizable decor pieces. We want to work with you to create meaningful art and keepsakes for your child’s room and beyond! So whether you connect with something already in our shop and buy it as is, want to customize a product or have an entirely new idea, we want to help create something remarkable!

About Moon Rock Prints

Our Name

hunting for the moon rock

When our son was around two we had a really hard time getting him to sleep. Feeling desperate, we didn’t know what else to do but drive around to calm him down so he could fall asleep.

After a few nights, our son started to catch on that getting in the car meant going to sleep and that was no longer fun. We had to pivot and started a game of hunting for the “moon rock” (what our son called the moon at the time). 

Night after night we would search for it in the sky, driving around looking and laughing at the shape. Shortly after we found it, we would notice it was silent in the backseat as he had finally drifted off to sleep.

The hunt for the moon rock phase only lasted about a month and in a blink of an eye it was over, like most toddler phases. What started out as a stressful time turned into a special memory for us as parents.

Moon Rock is affectionately named after our little astronaut. It is about the memories. It is about the little experiences we capture with our kids and our loved ones that we want to hold onto forever. 

About Moon Rock Prints

Our Story

17 years in the making

Our story begins 17 years ago. We met in high school when we were both selected to be web design interns for our high school website. For six short months during our senior year we worked together every day. We became friends. We enjoyed working together. And then we both went off to different colleges.

Working together was always in the cards for us. We just collaborate really well together. Falling in love happened to also be in the cards for us. After five years apart we met back up for dinner. It was just supposed to be a meal between two old friends catching up. However, it wasn’t long before we realized that the spark we both felt in high school was still there.

A year and a half later we got married. Four years after that we had our son and four years after that we had our daughter. We worked together on a side project together (Gray House Studio) but the timing was never fully right to go full time on a business until now. Our sweet spot has always been creating things together. That is where we thrive and are most happy.

Moon Rock Prints is a dream come true for us. It has been a dream 17 years in the making. Getting to spend all day together, making fun things, now with two cute kids along for the ride makes us so happy! Thank you so much for supporting our small shop and allowing us to pursue our passion.