Meet The Team

Hi there! Meet the team! All two of us. Moon Rock Prints consists of us, Brent and Courtney Richardson. A husband and wife team that is dedicated to designing and making special items for you! Your support of our small shop and family truly means the world to us. Learn a little more about each of us below.

About Moon Rock Prints


Artist. Quality Control Specialist. Husband. Dad. Tinkerer. Outdoor Enthusiast. Always drinking a cup of hot coffee.

Brent is the artist that creates all of Moon Rock Prints’ whimsical watercolor and woodblock prints. While he wears many hats at Moon Rock, he specializes in quality control. Brent makes and checks over each and every item making sure your order is in perfect condition. He then carefully packages it so it will arrive to you safe and sound.

Brent has a bachelor’s degree and master's degree in art. He has spent his career creating and facilitating informal education programs for young makers in both a children’s museum and a fabrication lab setting. In addition to running Moon Rock Prints he also currently teaches art at the university level.

Brent is also known as dad around here. He is the point person for playground trips.

“My favorite thing about being a dad is watching my kids experience things that are new to them. The wonder in their eyes as they connect the dots on something is a joy to watch.”

When he is not creating he enjoys rock climbing and building things.

About Moon Rock Prints


Designer. Customer Connection Specialist. Wife. Mom. Introvert. Book Nerd. Always drinking a large cup of iced coffee.

Courtney is the product designer and developer behind Moon Rock Prints’ products. While she wears many hats at Moon Rock, she specializes in customer connection. If you contact Moon Rock prints or connect with our social media accounts, you are chatting with Courtney. Her goal is to not just run a business but create a place where you can have your ideas heard. She loves connecting with others and creating custom pieces that are meaningful to our customers.

Courtney has a bachelor’s degree in digital design. She has over 12 years of retail design and marketing experience. She has worked as a content creator growing a home DIY website while being a stay at home mom for the past five years.

Courtney is also known as mom around here. She is the point person for imaginative + messy play.

“Developing a strong connection with my kids is so important to me. I strive to be present with them, to truly listen to them, to play with them, to create with them. I just love soaking in and documenting all the sweet little fleeting moments.”

When she is not creating Courtney enjoys creating playlists, blogging (is that still a thing?), reading, and playing volleyball.